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Tag: CPR
Why First Aid & CPR

There are many benefits of having First Aid and CPR training in the workplace. Some of the benefits include: Increased safety: Having employees trained in First Aid and CPR can help prevent accidents and injuries from becoming more serious. In some cases, it can even save lives. Improved response times: When an accident or injury […]

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DrsABCD is an acronym that stands for Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing, Circulation and Defibrillation. It is a simple and easy-to-remember way to assess and respond to an emergency situation. Here is a brief overview of each step: Danger: Before approaching the victim, it is important to ensure that the area is safe […]

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Purple Heart Training Institute offers First Aid and CPR courses that are fast and competent. We provide first aid courses as well as refresher and resuscitation courses throughout Brisbane region. Contact us now
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